While We're Young

Finally, I got the chance to see writer/director Noah Baumbach's first film, While We're Young. I have written about Baumbach's second film, 2015's funny and quirky Mistress America, which I really liked a lot.

This film stars Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts as a married couple that finds they've grown stuck in a common rut of life and are further constrained by the ceiling of getting older. Adam Driver and Amanda Seyfried play the young twenty-something couple that befriends Stiller and Watts. This new element brings a younger energy to the older couple's staid relationship, sparking them to be young again.

This film hits close to home as I approach Stiller and Watts's age bracket. You don't really realize that you are getting older until you start to notice you can't quite do the things you used to do or you no longer even want to do what "young" people do. Things like running a few miles, training for triathlons, back pain, and my disinterest in anything besides hanging out at home caused me to ponder when the young-to-old switch was flipped and I abruptly find I'm no longer young.

I think the film's close relationship to my own life deterred me from seeing it for a while. I much prefered Mistress America, which allowed me to stand back and be a bystander to the action on the screen. While We're Young hit me much harder because in I keenly felt that I was watching some aspects of myself in Stiller's performance.

Aside from those uncomfortable personal revelations, I liked the film, although I much prefered Mistress America. The style of the films were similar, though the newer film has bigger name actors delivering great performances. It's a good film to watch and reflect on as you close in on your 40's.