I've been slacking so bad

I'm not sure if it's because of the Spring weather but, my momentum has come to a halt. After hitting my goals hard for the first three months of the year, lately I've been slacking and started to stall out. I haven't completely stalled but my goals as far as writing, reading, working out and the commitments to growing my goals have slowed down or come to a halt.
I think this happens to all of us and I'm not sure why. Overall I notice it with people at the gym. The first months after the new year you notice an increase in people and activity and as the year progresses you see less and less of those people to where now it's back to what I've been used to, a fairly empty gym in the mornings. I haven't been getting my 3 days in but does it count that I've replaced one day of gym with a more challenging bike to the office. It's 13 miles one way and a great workout. My goals have shifted to get at least a ride 1 day of the week. My reading has turned into a book a month to multiple podcasts a week.

The worst thing to suffer is my writing. I've almost taken a full month off! I'm sitting here writing this post preparing for a week long vacation. It's my time to catch up and recoup after a busy first quarter. I hope to unplug, think, travel, and eat. My plan is to finally take some time to get back and write. I don't want to promise anything specific, but let's just say there are a bunch of thoughts I've written down that need refining and finishing.