How to be Single, be funny, real, sincere, and did I mention be funny

Was able to get a prescreening of How to be Single tonight, thanks Warner Brothers. The film stars Rebel Wilson (who I love) and Dakota Johnson as women in New York City learning as the title implies how to be single or find themselves. First off this casting was great Rebel is always so humorous but the supporting cast was able to hold their own. My favorite parts were basically every moment between Leslie Mann and Jake Lacy.

Side note, Jake Lacy was also great in Love the Coopers though that film wasn't the greatest and really tried to hard to be funny and sweet and just missed the mark.

So, here's the movie pitch think very funny and commercial version of Mistress America meets Wild. If you haven't seen either of those films please do, they're great and I recommend them. This is an awesome movie that was so funny it had the whole theater laughing. The timing is really well done and the pace with the humor and sincerity of the story work so well.

So many great parts but favorite is the cab scene near the end of the film. You'll know what I mean.

There are these solid moments of humor that is brought to the sincerity of each moment. It's very true to life and in a roundabout way Dakota Johnson finally finds what it really means to be single instead of chasing what she thought single meant. It's definitely a great film to check out and not just a chick flick though the women are the focus of the film.

A great movie that is truly funny. I recommend this if you are a Rebel Wilson fan or just a fan of comedy 4.5 stars.

How to be Single is in theaters February 12, 2016